Teens can write too!

So as you probably know from my last post explaining my new blog and what you might see on it I am an aspiring teen author, (if u haven’t seen it click the link here My last post) and I want to say, TEENS CAN WRITE TOO! There are so many poeple out there who say/think that teens just can’t write or publish a novel or story as good as adult, or in some cases good at well , they are wrong.But I am not one of those people that just goes around blatantly stating my opinion with no evidence . I have made a list of famous books all written by teenagers and these books are just as good or almost as good as any adult books.

  1. The eragon trilogy-written at the young age of 15.
  2. Anne Frank’s diary- written at 13-15 and left unabridged.
  3. Timekeepers- written by Catherine Webb before the age of 20.
  4. Frankenstein-Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein before 19.

I know this list is only 4 books long but I did only include massively famous books and also only touched the surface of great books written by teens. I  hope for some of you it is changed your mind or at least made you think a bit harder about it. 

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