My New Icon 

My Blog has an icon. Whoo. Now this is  all down to one of my good followers Nilindesighner who runs his own blog which desplay  his latest creation in Photoshop. He designed this logo in Photoshop for me. So plz go check out his site. Thank you 

Stolen Itendity

This is a random intro for a story I wrote, I hope you like it. If so plz follow like comment and reblog 👍. Chapter 1 One year ago if someone had told me I would’ve been stealing food off the butchers counter I would have scoffed!Those were my thoughts as I raced through the […]

Teens can write too!

So as you probably know from my last post explaining my new blog and what you might see on it I am an aspiring teen author, (if u haven’t seen it click the link here My last post) and I want to say, TEENS CAN WRITE TOO! There are so many poeple out there who say/think […]

My New Writing Blog

So as you must have guessed this is a post about my new writing blog, and in many ways it is, but there is a twist. I am a teen author. And on my blog I will be posting pieces of writing, articles and book reviews. I am an aspiring young author and have decided […]